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Get things done with Wala - Home Service and Maintenance App

Wala is the next generation home services application allowing you to choose your service and service providers reviewing their past performances as well as rating. Wala connects you to companies, individuals or small organisations to get your works done.

  • Wala Beauty & Health Care Service
  • Wala Civil maintenance Service
  • Wala Appliance Repair Service
  • Wala Online Classes

Get things done
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How we work?

  • Look for the date you want to get your job done
  • Choose the professional home service that suits your work referring to the rate card or hot the call button
  • Hire him/her and get the best professional home service or maintenance service near you
  • Track your services and payments
  • Review the service and technician so that we can improve our service next time


How will be the charges if I call for the services?

The charges depend upon the work to be done, the materials needed to be fixed. Also if the things are to be brought by the technician himself then the charges would be inclusive of that

Will it take too long to fix the issue?

This entirely depends upon the availability of the technician and the kind of work that he is demanded to do. But we assure a fast service as possible!

Why Wala is the best home service app?

Wala helps you to get the job done with professional assistance. Wala provides direct contact between the customer and service provider. Our home services app is easy to use and navigate. We have easy payment options