Looking for Car Repair Services in Kochi?

A Car Breakdown? Too Busy to take your car to a service center in the busy city? Don't worry. We are there for you! We at Wala Services avail you with the best mechanics in town. Our professionals are just a minute away from your reach. We offer car and bike service along with vehicle rescue services. 

Why we are the best car repair service in Kochi?

Wala introduces Auto Sapiens, a doorstep car service at your convenience. Be it anywhere, your workplace, home or on the road, we will take care of your automobile needs.

Auto Sapiens are a set of passionate petrol heads who want you to relax while they carry out their passion at work. The most popular service among the list is the general service where a certified professional comes to your place at your convenience and conducts a detailed check-up. Also, the Client would be given a detailed report as well as suggestions for keeping the vehicle in its perfect condition once the checkup is complete. Whatever be the results for the checkup; positive or not they have it all under control, if everything is alright as per the expert after the general checkup, your automobile is ready to roll back on the streets, but if not then also you don't have to sweat it out, we are here and will take care of the situation.


We’ll take your vehicle to the nearest / most rated service centre as per the customer selection. Once your automobile is taken out to trusted experts, they will run a proper thorough checkup and the issues will be identified and will be reflected in the list of what all/ replacing will be identified and presented to the customer and once approved by the customer, a date when the vehicle can be returned back will be given and your automobile will be taken for a full proper, expert-level servicing. Once this is over your vehicle is good to go back to the owner and there forming a HAPPY CUSTOMER!

Our professional mechanics are well experienced to provide you with the best in class services there is. We give our professionals extra training to make sure that they deliver the happiest customers. We value our customers time and hence we offer the services on time. You don't have to waste a second. Once you book a mechanic they will reach you in time. Why take your car to a mechanic while you can book a mechanic right to your home. And yes, it's that easy. Moreover, our services are 100% guaranteed safety and assurance.

What are the automobile repair services in Kochi we provide?

  • Car Repair Service- Do your car need a total service? We can do that for you. Our professional mechanics are there to help you out. Book us online.
  • Bike Repair Service- Looking for bike workshops near you? Book a Wala Warrior. We will repair your bike at your home or where ever you are in the city.
  • Vehicle Rescue Service- Car got break down in the middle of the road? Met with an accident? Don't worry. We will reach you ASAP. 

How to book a Wala Warrior for your every need?

Wala offers the best in class professional services in Kochi. Wala Warriors are trained professionals that are always there to help for your every need. You can download and install our app which is available in Android Playstore and Apple Store. Also, you can book through our website. Once you install the app, you can go through a wide range of services we offer. You can select from this wide range of services depending on your need. Then you choose our best professionals and it's done.