Looking for Mobile Car Wash Service & Detailing in Kochi?

We are the best Car Cleaning and Detailing services in Kochi. Our professionals will be right at your doorstep. Why wait? Book us right now! Now making your car look good as new will be a zero effort thing for you with the best and trustworthy Car Service and Detailing service providers. At Wala Services, we understand how important is time for its customers. So, you can rely on us and let us do the work for you saving your time and efforts!

Wala Mobile Car Service and Detailing

  • Proper Car Wash
  • Claying, Polishing and Waxing available
  • An interior cleaning
  • Tire Cleaning and treatment
  • Steam-Cleaning engines
  • Paint Touch-up



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Why choose Wala Service for a car wash?

Wala Services excel in providing proper care to the tasks that they take up with the utmost responsible manner. We help people to get services easily without any hustle and bustle. So, if you are planning to get a car wash then we can help you get it done faster!

Do they provide sanitisation along with cleaning the car?

Yes, if asked for it, sanitisation of the car is also available!

What do I need to provide for car wash if it's a doorstep service?

Water and electricity would be the basic needs to clean the car.

How long it might take for my car detailing?

It shall range up to hours to days depending upon what all requirements you have asked.