Looking for Curtain Water Wash Services in Kochi?

We are one of the best Curtain Cleaning Services in Kochi. We undertake cleaning of curtains, carpets, beds and more. Just Book us Online. Curtains need proper cleaning for they are the factors that enhance the beauty of your walls and windows. But are you tired or lazy to clean them on your own? Then without wasting any time call us for the assistance! Curtain cleaning is tiresome and time-consuming when done at home. And there is no guarantee that even after cleaning them at home, they will be properly cleaned as the dirt that gets stuck in between the pleats and other small corners are hard to remove manually. So call the best service to get the best experience. We assure proper and intricate care while cleaning the curtains to make them like new and clean. Try out the wonderful experience that Wala Curtain Cleaning service offers!


Wala Curtain Washing Service Benefits

  • Curtain Cloth remains unaffected
  • Steam Cleaning available
  • Proper sanitisation of the curtains done.
  • Different mechanisms used with different cloth types


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What is the Cost of Cleaning Curtains?

It depends upon the factors like length of the curtain, type of the cloth that is used in the curtain, the thickness and number of curtains. It is entirely based on all these points.

How often should I wash the curtains?

Clean them as often as possible because they carry a lot of dust within themselves. But if it is hard to do it manually then machine wash might help. If still unsatisfied, do call a curtain cleaning service for the same. Once in a month or two is recommended.

Why should I hire Curtain Cleaners?

Hiring a cleaning service would make the entire cleaning process better. It will clean the curtain better than what you can do manually. Also steaming is an additional benefit.

Should I dry clean the curtains?

Depending upon the kind of cloth, you can choose to clean the curtains in many ways. If the colour might fade then go for dry cleaning the curtains.

Can I clean the curtain without taking it off?

You can vacuum clean it or steam clean it.

Will the service remove stains out of the curtains?

Yes, the stains can be removed by cleaning the curtains properly and bleaching might also help to an extent. Contact the best curtain cleaning in Kochi for the best results.