Looking for Professional Electricians in Kochi?

Power Breakdown? Looking for an electrician? Couldn't contact your electrician? Don't worry! Book a Wala Electrician right now. Our electricians are licensed and have well experience. You can safely choose electricians and make sure that you can do your work carefree.

Also, Wala offers full-time electrical works for a new house. We charge on an hourly basis and depending on the work we do. 

Finding an experienced local electrical contractor at the time of an emergency is not wise. Hire an electrician for regular inspections before an emergency takes place. Wala offers professional electricians for your any need, be it small or big. Our electricians can also give you regular checkups. so that you can safely rest without any worry. Book a Wala Electrician now.

Why book a Wala Professional Electrician near you?

We call our professionals Wala Warriors. Because they protect and guard you against potential dangers. Also, we save you time. Moreover, Wala Warriors make sure that you stay happy always. With Wala, you can always avail any house service at your fingertips. Our services are always available to you so that your daily life is simple and carefree. We promise a 100% guarantee of all our works and make sure our customers are fully satisfied with our work.

Wala connects you with professional electrical contractors in your area. Our professionals are well trained and experienced. We ensure the safety of our customers at all times. You can hire our professionals at any time of your need. Also, we don't overcharge for any of our services. You can avail our services at a fair charge. Book a Wala Warrior. We will get in contact with you as soon as possible. Get all your things done with Wala.

What services do Wala Electricians Offer?

Wala offers all the services you need right at your doorstep. Our professionals will take care of your small needs to large ones. We can fix your switchboard to wire the entire house and fix it. Our services include:

  • Repairing House Wiring
  • MCB Repair
  • Switches Replacement
  • Installation of Stabilizers
  • Earthing System Installation
  • New House Electrical Wiring
  • Fixing Electrical Breakdown
  • Installing Switches and Boards
  • Inverter Installation
  • Rewiring the House etc

Wala also offers repair and fixing of your electrical appliances.


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How we work?

1. Look for the date you want to get your job done.
2. Choose the professional that suits your work referring to the rate card or hot the call button
3. Hire him/her and get the best professional electrical maintenance service near you.


How much does it cost for electrician service?

The charges depend upon the work to be done, the materials needed to be fixed. Also if the things are to be brought by the electrician himself then the charges would be inclusive of that.

Will it take too long to fix the issue?

This entirely depends upon the availability of the electrician and the kind of work that he is demanded to do. But we assure a fast service as possible!

Should I try to fix the electrical issue before using a service?

We would not suggest that! Small jobs like changing of tube lights or bulbs might be easy tasks but when it comes to other things, do seek help of an electrician!

How can I find an electrician near me?

You can search for the electricians near you using Wala app or on the website. We will contact you as soon as possible.