Looking for the Best Facial and Hair Service Providers in Kochi

Do you wish to get a clean up at home? Do you want a good hair treatment along with it? But is it your laziness to step out of the home stopping you? We can help you to clear this by providing a good hairstylist and a perfect beautician. The services can be chosen by you as per your requirements. Choose us if you want the best service at home!

Why to call Wala Services?

We provide a variety of facials to choose from! Our experienced hairstylists would give the cut you desire with suggestions and tips to look flawless. Choose Wala Services for facial and hair care at home easily!

Wala Facial and Haircare Services Near You

  • Variety Facials to choose from
  • All popular hairstyles
  • Affordable range of services
  • convenient mode of payment


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Will they bring the facial kit along?

Yes, they will bring it with them. They shall carry all the essential things needed.

Will it be costly to hire a professional service?

Yes, it might cost a bit more than normal service. But it is easy and worth for the results that it gives.

Can I get the hair treatment like colouring?

Definitely yes! Almost all kind of treatments on hair can be done at home by the professionals.

Will I get other packages or deals if I hire a professional home service?

We don't assure that. It varies depending upon the firm that you choose. That is certainly within their limits to offer!

Can I customise the facial as per my choice?

Definitely yes! You can choose any facial of your choice.