Best Massage and Spa Service Providers in Kochi

Too stressed out due to the hectic work schedule? Do you wish to relax a bit with some self-pampering? Then we insist on dialling us for the rest! Wala Services provides all that you need to know about Massage and Spa treatment at home. Yes! What can be relieving than a proper massage at your doorstep? We offer you a wide range

Why to call Wala Services?

We understand the importance of your time and how hard it is for you to find time for relaxation. So we help you plan accordingly! We have a wide option of services that might suit your timings well. Be it any kind of massage- ayurvedic or swiss kind, we can help you get the best masseur in town! we provide massage spa and treatment at home.

Wala Massage and Spa Services Near You

  • Experts Masseurs
  • Flexible timings
  • Affordable range of services
  • convenient mode of payment


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How long will it take to finish the massage?

It entirely depends on the kind of massage that you choose. You can increase or decrease it consulting with your masseur. But a minimum of one hour can be expected.

Will it be costly to hire a professional service?

Yes, it might cost a bit more than normal service. But it is easy and worth for the results that it gives.

Will the Spa person bring all the necessities?

Definitely yes! The person will bring everything needed for the Spa treatment.

Will I get other packages or deals if I hire a professional home service?

We don't assure that. It varies depending upon the firm that you choose. That is certainly within their limits to offer!

Can I customise the massage plans?

Definitely yes! You can consult the masseur before the massage for all clarifications.