Looking for the Best Professional Plumbers in Kochi?

Stuck in the middle of a shower? or your Kitchen sink got clogged? Tap Leakage? Don't worry! We have got the best plumber services in Kochi. We are only a tap away. Book a professional plumber near you and fix your bathroom, drains, clogged pipes. Also, we offer plumbing services from repairs and fixes, installation of pipes and taps and leakage issues, bathtub repair, sink repair and appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines etc.

Why Wala offers the best plumber in Kochi?

Water leaking issues can be a real headache sometimes. If you are living in the city and is paying for water, all the water drained away is going to cost you more money. It is better to find a solution for it right away. But getting a professional plumber for such issues can be more difficult than you think. That is why we provide an instant solution problem for your small to big issues.

We at Wala offers professional plumbing services according to your timely need. Our plumbers are well-experienced professionals who can fix our issues without any delay. Also, our services are cheap when compared to any other plumbing service provider. We offer complete guarantee and satisfaction to our customers. Our services are just one click away. That is why you can rely on our services at any time. 

Wala Warriors comply with all the safety standards and make sure customer protection and satisfaction. 

What all plumber services do we offer?

 We have got the best plumbers in town. 

  • Tap and Pipe Fitting- We help you fix the tap and pipe at once.
  • Water Leak Repair- Got water leakage in your bathroom or toilet? We can fix that!
  • Sink Installation- Our professional plumbers will help you install and repair sinks.
  • Pipe Installation- Trying to install a new pipe. We got that for you.
  • Clogged Drain Pipe- Have got a clogged drain? We will repair that for you. Book us right now.
  • Pipe Leak Repair- Repair your leaking pipes instantly.

We also offer other plumbing services like

  • Bathroom Sink Plumbing
  • Shower Plumbing
  • Kitchen Sink Plumbing
  • Pipe Leak Repair
  • Drain Cleaning 


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How we work?

1. Choose the date and time you want to avail service 
2. Choose from the list of walapreneurs
3. Hire the best suited plumber professional near you, checking the rate card
4. Hire and get things done 


How will be the charges if I call for the services?

The charges depend upon the work to be done, the materials needed to be fixed. Also if the things are to be brought by the plumber himself then the charges would be inclusive of that.

Will it take too long?

This entirely depends upon the availability of the plumber and the kind of work that he is demanded to do. But we assure a fast service as possible!

What if the work done is not proper or worthy of the money?

Skilled people are our specialties but id you have any complaints or queries you can definitely reach out to us and we would provide an assured help.