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Are you worried about your kid's progress in the studies? Do you think that an extra push might do wonders on his learning progress? Then you can try seeking our help in this! Wala Service would be happy to help you and your kid in this! Just get in contact with us so that we can help you with all the required suggestions! We are just a call away!

Why to ask WALA SERVICES for the assistance?

The best online teachers in Kochi should be the ones whom you are seeking help for your child. So for this, we can help you. Wala service enables great online tutors in Kochi. And what's best should be the only thing that your child deserves! Choose our undoubtedly brilliant range of services to get the desired help for your child. Be it any subject, we will ensure you get the best of it in town!

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  • All Subjects available
  • Range of expert tutors
  • Extra notes if needed
  • Tutors-Parents interaction at regular intervals
  • Daily feedbacks 


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Will it be effective for my kid?

This depends entirely on the tutor-child bond and the efforts that both of them take. However, you can monitor them regularly to see the result.

Will it be costly to hire a professional service?

Yes, it might cost a bit more than normal service. But it gives the desired result.

Should I pay for all subjects separately?

There are tutors who take one subject specifically or cover entire subjects as a package. You should talk with them for clarifications.

Are these classes worth the money?

You have the entire power to change them if they aren't good enough. The money shall be worth with proper hard work and dedication from the tutor and the child equally.