Looking for Painting Contractors in Kochi?

Looking for a painter in Kochi? Book a professional painter right now. Wala provides professional painter for painting houses, apartments, offices and flats according to your specifications. We also offer customised room painting for kids. Painting period can be quite tiresome for you have to take care of many factors and Wala service understands the concerns better than all because of which it provides a rich service range! We understand how to produce the optimum results within the timelines. So, whenever a context of painting comes, choose the best painting service- Wala Painting service who know it better than others in town! When it comes to your house or office, choose nothing but the best painting service with the best painting contractors.

  • External Wall Painting
  • Apartment Painting
  • Bedroom Painting
  • Interior Home Painting
  • Industrial Painting Contracts
  • Commercial Painting
  • Interior House Painting
  • Sandblasting and Painting
  • New Home Painting
  • Customized Wall Painting


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Why choose Wala Services?

Wala Painting service would handle the whole process of painting very well with the expert workers and hassle-free services. So, choose Wala services to get the service of the best painting contractors in Kochi.

How often should I paint my house?

Generally, people paint their house once the old one starts to peel off or when there is some function in the house. Also, fungal issues are there. But the proper way to keep up your house is by painting it once every year.

How long should I stay away from the room after it is painted?

It's advised to stay away till the paint gets properly dried.

When should I paint my house?

You can call a painting service during the summers. This time will help the paint to dry faster.