Looking for Pipe and Tap Fitting Services in Kochi?

Looking for someone to help you fit in the new tap or change the old and rusty one? Are you thinking of changing the plumbing of the house? Confused about installing a new washbasin? We got your back in this. Book a professional Wala plumber to help you out! Choose Wala Services right now for the best pipe and tap fitting services in Kochi and let us deal with all the work fast and hassle-free! We understand the importance of timely service and proper professional technician assistance, so choose us for the repair related services!

Why should I choose Wala Services?

You should choose us if you want the best pipe and tap fitting services in Kochi. We understand the importance of your time, thus we are peculiar about the services and related promises. We aim at our customer's satisfaction for which we strive nothing but the best service!

Wala Plumbing Installation Services near you

  • Almost all kinds of repair works handled
  • Range of expert people to do the work
  • Extra care while handling the damage
  • Easy mode of payments
  • Variety of choices available with the services


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Do plumbers provide a free estimate?

Yes, they do provide an estimate if they are given a proper idea about the kind of work they have to do.

Can I trust them with the work?

Yes, professionals know how to handle it. If they think it needs more attention then they would definitely inform you.

What are the common problems that need a repair?

Leaky tap

Leak in the pipes

Installation of a new washbasin

Installation of taps

Will it be very costly to get the repair done?

It entirely depends on the kind of damage that your plumbing work has. If there is a small problem then the rate will be less. But if there is a need to replace any specific part then don't expect it to be a cheap affair.