Shirt and Pant Dry Cleaning Services in Kochi

Do you think with regular home washes, your costly shirts and pants can retain their spark? Are you upset about how the fabric of your newly brought shirt is losing its shine? Then, the solution to all these troubles is dry cleaning them! Now when it comes to dry cleaning choose the best services in Kochi, Wala Services. Just book us and see how we handle everything easily and responsibly! Get your shirts and pants dry cleaned through Wala Shirt and Pant Dry Cleaning.

Why should I choose Wala Services?

You should choose us if you want the best dry cleaning service near you. We understand the importance of your time and the value of door services in this era, thus we are peculiar about the services and related promises. We aim at our customer's satisfaction for which we strive nothing but the best service!

Wala Shirt and Pant Dry Cleaning Services near you

  • Almost all kinds of Shirts and Pants are dry cleaned
  • Range of expert people to do the work
  • Extra care while handling delicate fabric/h5>
  • Easy mode of payments
  • Steam cleaning also available


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Why Should I dry clean Shirts and Pants?

Shirts and Pants need extra care when it comes to clean them. You should dry clean them because the washes using harsh detergents make the fabric lose its shine very fast. Also through dry cleaning, you can remove the stains from it.

Can I trust them with my expensive Shirts and Pants?

Yes, professionals know how to handle it. They know how important it is to handle each fabric properly so they would never make a wrong choice with it.

When to dry clean my Shirts and Pants?

If they have stains.

Unpleasant odours from it.

They look shabby and dull

Will it be very costly dry clean?

It depends on the weight of the cloth. It also depends upon the size, quality fabric type of the fabric. It won't be too costly but all kinds may have a bit different cost.

Can I clean them at home?

Yes, but it should be washed separately. Also, use mild shampoo or detergent for it but it won't be that effective as a dry cleaning service. Do not machine wash it. It will harm the shirt and pant, it is advised to do a small test if it is a new shirt for there might be chances of colour running from it.