Looking for the Best Toilet Cleaning Service in Kochi?

Keeping toilets clean is a tough task. Washing them with the detergents and toilet cleaners isn't sufficient! Do they clean the stains as well? Do they make your toilets clean and odourless for a longer time? The answer is a polite no! Why not try a strong acid wash? This can help you get rid of all the stubborn stains on the walls as well as toilet seats. This is a very quick remedy for all the troubles that you have in the toilet. Just ring us and we shall be there, on your doorstep to help you get a clean and sanitised toilet! We are the best professional toilet and bathroom cleaning services in Kochi! You are just a call away from the wonderful services that we have to offer!

Why do we call ourselves the best?

Cleaning and sanitising your toilets and bathrooms is a tedious job than you imagine. We take up the responsibility well and give fine results too. Be it acid washing toilets or bathrooms, we have our expertise in it. We can help you get the proper treatment to your washrooms. We provide excellent sanitisation along with it!

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  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Safe and quick services
  • Proper sanitisation guranteed


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Why to acid wash my washrooms?

This is done to prevent many stubborn stains out of the toilet walls and closet. With long usage, the bathroom tends to fade due to dirt and debris accumulation that is too hard to clean manually. The acid wash can help in this.

Will it be costly to hire a professional service?

Yes, it might cost a bit more than normal service. But it gives a clean washroom after the whole process.

How long will it take to clean the toilets of a house?

That depends upon the number of toilets and bathrooms that are to be cleaned in the house.

Do I need to buy the acid for the process?

No, generally the professionals who come bring all the required chemicals with them, you don't need to buy any chemicals or acids for this.