Looking for Vehicle Rescue Service in Kochi?

Have an issue with your vehicle? Do you need an instant rescue service? Just book Wala Services and let our mechanics come at your door-step to help you with whatever problem you are facing. Be it any sort of automobile repair, we shall help you! We ensure the finest vehicle rescue service in kochi

Why should I choose Wala Services?

You should choose us if you want the best vehicle rescue service in Kochi. We understand the importance of your time, thus we are peculiar about the services and related promises. We aim at our customer's satisfaction for which we strive nothing but the best service! For any car repair services or any bike repair service choose us.

Wala Vehicle Rescue Services near you

  • Reliable service
  • Almost all kinds of vehicles repaired
  • Quick service
  • Easy mode of payments
  • Door-step services


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Do we get a door-step delivery and pick-up of the vehicle?

Yes, they do provide such a service so that people don't have to worry about anything else. It is for the ease of the customers.

Can I trust them with vehicles?

Yes, professionals never betray and Wala Service ensures the quality above anything else. You can try and review freely.

Will it be very costly?

It will be based on the kind of damage that needs to be repaired. It won't be much costly if the damage is small. If not, then the price shall depend upon the parts needed or are to be replaced!

Will it be time consuming?

Depending upon the kind of repair, time shall be calculated. It cannot be defined. It changes from person to person depending upon the damage to their vehicles. Though, you can ask the mechanic.