Looking for Bottled Water Delivery Service in Kochi?

Never dry out of water. We provide water services for shops and offices. Enjoy scheduled water delivery service without any hassle. We process the water through different purification procedures. It goes through the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids, and gases from water. We comply with the standards for drinking water quality are typically set by governments or by international standards. Book through our website or App to get bottled water delivered at your doorstep.

Why should I choose Wala Services?

You should choose us if you want the best-bottle water delivery service in Kochi. We understand the importance of your time, thus we are peculiar about the services and related promises. We aim at our customer's satisfaction for which we strive nothing but the best service!

Wala Water delivery Services near you

  • Proper distribution of bottles
  • Bottles of various size available
  • Home and shop delivery available
  • Easy mode of payments
  • Door-step delivery


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Can I get an annual-supply agreement?

Yes, they do provide such an agreement so that you get defined quantity of water every month for a year as per the agreement.

Can I trust them with the quality of the water?

Yes, professionals never betray and Wala Service ensures the quality above anything else. You can try and review freely.

Will it be very costly?

It will be based on the quantity that you order. It won't be much costly.

What to look in a supplier?

ISI certification from Bureau of Indian Standards

Price and additional charges

Quality of water

Timely delivery