Looking for the Best Waxing and Threading Service Providers in Kochi?

Going out to get proper threading and waxing might be a bit time-consuming. What if we get all the service at home? For such easy services, you need to call and book the services of your choice on Wala services! Now you can groom yourself at home with the help of experts in town! Just visit us to know more about the wide range of services that we provide. Waxing and threading services can be availed on touch at your own house, call us now!

Why seek the help of Wala Services?

We promise you the best service in town. Be it chocolate wax, hot wax or fruit wax, we provide the help and assurance for a perfect result. We can help you to groom those overly grown eyebrows without much hustle-bustle!

Wala Waxing and Threading Services Near You

  • Experts from popular salon
  • Clean and quick services
  • Best grooming services
  • Expert consultation


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Is it safe to get the service at home?

We understand your concern of sanitisation. We have the best of the professionals who take every measure while coming to your house and providing you with the waxing and threading services.

Will it be costly to hire a professional service?

Yes, it might cost a bit more than normal service. But it is easy and worth for the results that it gives.

Can I choose the salon technician by myself?

If the person whom you prefer is available then it won't be a problem!

Will I get other packages or deals if I hire a professional home service?

We don't assure that. It varies depending upon the firm that you choose. That is certainly within their limits to offer!